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21 Things Men Should never wear

I want to talk about the 21 things men ition never wear so I’m sure when you’re getting dressed up. You’re trying to impress your boyfriend girlfriend wife you’re trying to impress someone so my girlfriends and I all got together and we put together a list now we’re like never on the face of this earth.

I don’t care what year it is should a guy ever be wearing these items so these are in no particular order all of these are bad so they’re all basically number one on my list but the first one is you should never wear gaudy rings or any kind of pinkie ring CNN GQ and Esquire they all have the pink earrings please don’t do that it’s just it looks so tacky and gross like don’t do the big chunky gaudy rings you don’t need that and

The second thing that you should never wear is too much cologne I don’t want to be able to smell you for 6 feet away but I don’t even want to get near you you’re basically now repelling people so if you are going to wear cologne make sure to just spray your fingertips one dab it on the inside of your wrist go like this and use that same finger tip with the little excess of Cologne and dab it on both sides of your neck that is all you need putting it go without Cologne

The third point is you should not be wearing socks with your sandals I mean you think I have to explain this socks with your sandals is a no-no

I kind of just breeze us into the fourth point which is you shouldn’t be wearing sandals at all unless you’re at the beach or you’re going for a swim that’s the only time it’s appropriate when there’s you don’t want to see your toes nobody wants to see your toes.

I’m sorry the big thing that you should not be wearing is shorts that go past your knees it is just way too juvenile looking there a proper shorts at end at the right length which is usually between mid to lower thigh but not past your knees please

The next thing you should not be wearing are just old worn-out dirty shoes the first thing we look at are your shoes so please keep them fresh once they’re past their prime get rid of them. Oh do you know Aliexpress has some of the best designer shoes. Check HERE for the links.

The other thing you should not be wearing our cartoon printed boxers talk about just like you’re a little kid it’s like you still want to be a boy again there’s some boxer briefs and like black maybe charcoal some solid colors

The 8th thing that you should not be wearing are t-shirts with a bunch of logos on them so I don’t want to see any teachers with Budweiser or Harley Davidson or like a sports team outside of a sporting event women don’t want to see that they want to see you and just like a crisp solid color t-shirt

All of us women feel so adamant about fit you should be wearing a baggy ill-fitting clothes period I did a whole series about how your clothes should fit because it’s that important so I’d link that in the video description below go check it out the past thing you should be wearing our pink top clothes of growth it’s like armpit hair exposed and sometimes they have the pink tops with the nipples exposed I don’t want to see that no woman wants to see that don’t do it and the next thing that you should not be wearing our skinny jeans go with a nice slim fit pair of jeans we’ve got skinny jean to all the little skater boys out there be clapping that you should not be wearing our pointy shoes

oh I can’t believe pointy shoes filling since it’s like pointy and square shoes horrible please don’t do that burn all of those it’s so dated and ugly don’t be that guy the next thing you shouldn’t be wearing our deep v-neck t-shirt that’s a lot of chest being exposed don’t do it please

the 14 thing that you should never wear our big or square or monogrammed belt buckle please don’t do it it’s like instantly like douche bag alert like that alarms go off and the next thing that you should never wear our leather bracelet when I see a guy wearing a leather bracelet I think usually try to be like this bad boy it doesn’t come off as not like it’s the opposite and like you’re trying too hard instead go with a nice watch and

the 16th thing that you should not be wearing our elongated shirts on their own maybe as a layering piece but even not pushing it and said just get some shirts that fit properly it’s not a deep thing that you should not be wearing our soul patches don’t you like this right here it’s boom die attractive it’s so gross when you’re talking to me I’m just saying you’re looking at this little piece of chunk of hair right here nobody wants to kiss that no soul cast okay gotta go with like a beard something proper or clean-shaven and a peeping that you should not be wearing our Crocs I mean do I really need to bring any further

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the 19th thing that guys should never wear our earrings and facial piercing so I’ve definitely seen really cute guys with facial piercings and earrings but I’m able to overlook all of that because they’re so dance to you but that’s not the case for those guys and the thing is though it’s like facial piercings and earrings really take away from the attractiveness of you please don’t do it women they’re not into it they’re not like wow you’re so sexy because you know that nose piercing because you got that earring right there the next thing that you should not be wearing are short sleeve sweatshirt this has been recently rocked a lot by Kanye West now

I’m starting to see a lot of guys out there wearing it it loves go Rose please avoid any kind of cutoff sweatshirt situation you don’t need it the last and final points do not ever wear to rest use with those sneaker soles on them why not just wear either a dress you or a sneaker you don’t need to combine it don’t mess with something that’s already good like this looks so horrible so anyways guys

those are the 21 things that you should never wear I’ve told all my girlfriends and female friends about this and we all have decided that no matter what year it is no matter how old you are this is not something that we find attractive and whatsoever we’re all dressing up TO IMPRESS.


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