winter wear for men

Men’s Winter Fashion 2020 Guide

It’s cold-fashion,
winter-fashion, learn about it. (upbeat rhythmic music) Fashion. I put together six of my
favorite cold weather looks for you to take on winter 2020 in the most fashionable way possible. I also partner up with MVMT
watches for this video, ’cause they make clean
minimalist style watches at a fantastic price
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Let’s get started. (slow rhythmic music) For the not-so-cold days of winter I prefer getting a light jacket like this pairing it with a nice
tie dress shirt, slacks and warm winter boots, ’cause even if it’s not
that chilly outside, your toes can get cold or wet. In fact, on most days of the week this is my go-to work outfit,
because it keeps it casual but it keeps it classy. I think when they say business casual, this is what they mean. There’s something I
love about biker gloves or drivers gloves, it makes
me feel like I should be in an action movie or something,
I don’t know, you ready? (slow relaxed music) Just because it’s cold out, I do not want you to miss an exercise day. The secret here is layers. On top I have a heavy Rudsac
jacket to keep me warm, underneath I have layers of all Nike, a base layer, a hoodie, you
got my compression pants, my shorts and high socks. But wait, I need my exercise partner. Bear, come! (jingle) Hey, hey! (slow rhythmic music) This is a classic winter
outfit for a gentleman, you got your double-breasted wool peacoat. I actually like this light
gray color for this season, and while it’s nice to have
blue, gray, and black suits, I think having a color that
pops during winter time is gonna help you stand out. I’m a huge fan of this purple slash grape, kinda reminds me of the Joker. And since we got like what,
10-11 Academy Award nominations, not a bad thing to drive with,
you know what I’m saying? I paired it up with my
favorite Chelsea boot from Cole Haan, keeps it waterproof. I got to stay warm and in
this outfit I’m doing good. (upbeat rhythmic music) For those brutal New York City winters you need a serious coat that’s gonna keep you seriously warm. Not only does this Rudsac
jacket keep you warm up here with a dual layers, it’s also
long enough to cover my bottom and on cold days like this that is clutch. It may not be snowing right now, but it snows a lot in New
York and when it does, I need serious winter boots,
keep me dry, keep me warm, and these Rudsac boots do just that. As you see with my suit, I sometimes like to make things colorful, but here I keep it simple, get that beige and black
combination for the win. (bright rhythmic music) This outfit is perfect
for when you wanna go out, look stylish but don’t wanna overdress. I think it’s perfect to pair a turtleneck with a thick jacket like this,
black jeans, black boots, you’re keeping it simple,
it works for all occasions whether you’re hanging with your friends or going out on a first date. You dig? (slow rhythmic music) So we had the
meet-your-partner’s-parents outfit in the previous winter fashion video, but I thought I’d give
you option number two, and this time it’s gonna
be all blue edition: blue trench coat, blue
Allbirds wool sneakers that are actually waterproof, and a blue turtleneck to keep you warm. I’m not a huge fan of scarfs,
who knows how to tie them? I don’t get it, I don’t get it. I need to know which
one of those six outfits was your favorite, so let me know down below in the comments. And if you enjoyed those Aliexpress watches, do check out article on Best Aliexpress watches.

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